Posted on Aug 17, 2018
Cynthia Allen, pictured with Club President Earl Murray Jr., was the guest speaker at this morning’s meeting.

Cynthia is the Administrative Services Manager for the Vandenberg Village Community Services District (VVCSD). She talked to the club about the newly built facility in Vandenberg Village.

The current location for VVCSD is 3757 Constellation Road. Park Water Company, in 1981, originated the ownership. In 1988, VVCSD acquired their assets and began providing the services for the district. There are six employees with a full service office. As the years progressed, it became transparent the building was too small to accompany their needs to assist customers and perform their daily duties.

The new administrative office project to build a new facility started in August 2015 when the VVCSD purchased the former Rabobank at 3745 Constellation Road. This logistical process took approximately three years. The architecture and engineering services, county approval, VVCSD board approval for construction, and final county approval, and the certificate of occupancy (COA) takes time yet accomplished.

Cynthia said the new facility is much larger than the previous one with, 1- more parking spaces for customers, 2 – customer service office to accommodate additional customers, 3 – public meeting room, 4 – conference room, and larger storage space for supplies and materials.

Cynthia stated staff plan on moving into the new facility over the next couple of weeks. She anticipates they will be ready to open for business in September 2018. They plan on having an open house during the week of September 17, 2018.

The Rotary Club of Vandenberg Village thanked Cynthia for a very informative talk.