Posted by Earl Murray
The Rotary Club of Vandenberg Village members received a tour of the Lompoc Water Treatment Plant on Friday afternoon. Bob Wetzel, Water Superintendent, and Shaun Ryan, Operations Supervisor, share information about how the water plant operates.

The mission is to produce, treat, and distribute an adequate supply of safe drinking water to the citizens of Lompoc.

The water plant was built in the 1960’s. There are approximately 24 employees who work there. This is a 24/7 operation with operators and technicians working swing and mid shifts to monitor the computer systems for possible water issues such as leaks, excessive water use, etc. They also do sample testing and perform two-hour system checks.

There are 10 wells in Lompoc which are rotated to supply the water to residents. The wells are not in full operation at the same time, they rotate them to allow for recovery periods and water demand.

There are four water storage tanks that supply up to four million gallons of water. The smallest tank holds 500, 000 gallons of water, and another one holds 2.5 million gallons of water. They monitor the water use on the computers to ensure they meet the demands.

The water plant monitors meters and how much water is used by residents. At some point, all the homes will be monitored by the computer technology at the plant, as opposed to a meter reader going to each house.

The Rotary Club of Vandenberg Village members thanked Bob and Shaun for a very informative talk.