Mike Swart, (pictured on the right side) was the Rotary Club of Vandenberg Village guest speaker at this mornings meeting. He is pictured with Rotarian Dana Manchester.

Mike provided an overview and history of Vandenberg AFB.The base first opened in 1941 as Camp Cooke. In 1956 the base was named after General Hoyt S. Vandenberg and then renamed Vandenberg AFB.

Vandenberg AFB is the 3rd largest base behind Eglin and Edwards AFB. The base employees approximately 18, 000 personnel. They consist of active duty military, government DOD, and contractors.

He mentioned that Vandenberg AFB is a training base for new military members in the missile and launch field.

He talked about how the launches and orbits have two primary functions:

1. Your mission drive your orbit
2. Your orbit drives y our launch

Vandenberg AFB has had approximately 1681 launches since 1958.

For a great source of launches, go to https://spaceflightnow

Mike is one of many veterans we are celebrating the holiday tomorrow. How fitting we had a military veteran speak at our club. His presentation provided us with a toolbox of knowledge about Vandenberg AFB.

The Rotary Club of Vandenberg Village thanked Mike for his very informative and inspiring talk.