Posted on Feb 01, 2019

Lompoc Police Sergeant Kevin Martin (pictured on the right) with Vandenberg Village Rotary Club President Earl Murray Jr. was the guest speaker at Friday mornings meeting. He talked about the Homeless and Riverbed Clean Up.

Sergeant Martin pointed out that Chief Walsh appointed a Homeless Liaison Officer to oversee the cleanup effort. They would partner with non-profit organizations and identify the homeless members, improve living conditions if possible, look at campsites, and other options.
He said 110 homeless members were discovered at the Riverbed, which is city property. The next step is to identify services they may need, such as housing, medical, counseling, etc.
The cleanup effort required purchasing a Polaris vehicle and a pickup truck. The Riverbed covers 750 acres that needed addressing. He showed the Rotarians a map of the area and pictures of the 924,000 pounds of trash that took a few months to clean up.  
Because of safety and health concerns, volunteers did not handle the cleanup. A Santa Ynez contractor and crew were hired and he said they did a great job with the cleanup in those few months. The expense was $500,000, most of which covered the cleanup to remove the trash and debris. The Riverbed looks much better.
The Rotary Club of Vandenberg Village thanked Sergeant Martin for the update and informative talk.
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